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Mammoplasty is a Plastic Surgery procedure that is to augment or lift to reinstate the shape, size, and volume of the breast. Breast Augmentation helps to acquire healthy breasts in all aspects considering restoration, removal of cancerous cells, and cosmetic defects. Even women with breast cancer and small breast can be benefited out of breast augmentation cosmetic procedures.

  • What is it ?

    Breast Augmentation surgery is a procedure to enhance the breasts in size, shape, or texture. This can be done in two ways, either Breast implants are used to augment the breast, or Fat transfer from other regions of the body can be used.

  • Who need it?
    • Unsymmetrical breast size
    • To get a more appealing look
    • Saggy breasts due to aging or pregnancy
  • Complication

    Breast augmentation constitutes various risks factors, including:

    • capsular contracture
    • Breast pain
    • Infection
    • Changes in nipple and breast sensation
    • Implant position changes
    • Implant leakage or rupture

    Revising these intricacies may require more medical procedures, to remove or supplant the implants.

  • Treatment
    • In breast implant surgery, the physician makes an incision in the breast and places the implant by moving aside the breast tissues.
    • In the Fat transfer procedure, the doctor removes the excess fat from your body from the regions like the thighs, belly which store excess fat using a liposuction procedure. Then the fat is processed and then re-injected into breasts to provide you with the desired breast size and shape. The outcome of breast augmentation is visible immediately.
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  • Breast Augmentation benefits

    Improves your appearance if you think your breast are little or that one is smaller or bigger than the other and this might affect dressing or the sort of bra expected to assist with the imbalance

    • Helps to increase the size of your breast after pregnancy or huge weight reduction
    • Can help the uneven breast after any breast surgery
    • To boost your self-confidence

    Examine your objectives with your plastic specialist so you can be sensible with regards to how breast augmentation can help you.
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