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Buttock enhancement or gluteal augmentation is a cosmetic surgery directed to enhance and enlarge the contour, size, and shape of the buttock. In recent years butt enlargement is increasingly famous and many celebrities have revealed the secret behind their round and curve butt is buttock enhancement.

  • What Is It?

    Gluteal/ butt augmentation, butt lift, or butt reduction are plastic surgical cosmetic procedures used to improve the look and the shape of the buttocks.

  • Who Needs It?

    You can be a suitable candidate for butt augmentation if you

    • Healthy
    • Have realistic expectation
    • Worried because of having a small butt
    • Having asymmetrical butt

    You can be a suitable candidate for butt reduction or butt lift if you

    • Have enough tissue looseness in the gluteal part
    • Physically healthy
    • Nonsmokers
    • Determine to maintain the bodyweight
  • Treatments for Butt Enhancement

    i)Implants:    Butt enhancements using butt implants are very similar to breast implants. A small incision is made in the butt and implants are placed inside to achieve a satisfying look and a beautiful body shape. The scarring due to the surgery can be made very minimal if the surgery is done skillfully. This procedure can be done in both men and women.

    ii)Fat transfer:   Butt enhancements using fat transfer can be performed by removing the excess fat from the abdomen, thighs, or waists and transferring them to the butt. The fat removed is processed to purify it so that it can survive for a longer time. Then, it is injected into the butt to get an appealing look. This procedure is commonly referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift.

  • Benefits of Buttock Augmentation
    • Improves the projection of the butt
    • Improves the Self-image and confidence
    • Enhance the appearance of butt (round & curve)
  • Consider these things before getting butt enhancement surgical treatment

    Be ready to discuss with your surgeon about the followings

    • Surgical objectives
    • Previous medical history
    • Present medication details

    It is very important to get clarification regarding the treatment before at hand. So ask freely your plastic surgeon about all your treatment doubts and queries.
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