Hair Transplant Surgery In Tamilnadu

  • During the treatment, the hair is moved from the donor site to the recipient site. The transplanted hair will behave like natural hair and it will shed off in a few weeks and then the hair will start growing naturally from the follicles. Hair Transplant assists you to get back your good looks.

    In the FUE procedure, the plastic surgeon’s team will shave the rear of your scalp. Then, the surgeon will remove hair follicles one by one. The area heals with specks, which your existing hair will cover.

    After they prepare the hair grafts, the surgeon cleans and numbs the area where the hair will go, creates holes or slits with a scalpel or needle, and carefully puts each graft in the holes. Based on the size of the transplant the process will take about 4 to 8 hours. You might need another procedure later on if you keep on losing hair or choose to need thicker hair.

    Side effects associated with hair transplant

    Complications from a hair transplant are very rare and commonly very minor and clear up as the weeks goes by, such as

    • Bleeding
    • Infections
    • Swelling
    • Itching
    • Crust formation in the treated area
    • Folliculitis
    • Unnatural-looking hair