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Lip Color and Lip Blushing

Never having to wear lipstick again is one of the top things women wish for.Its benefits are often overshadowed by its permanency. Not having to put lipstick on after daily or between meals is just one benefit. Whether it is our genetics, lifestyle or diet, some of us have dark lips, some are too pale, some are always dry and chapped.90% of women wear lipstick in one form or another. Going with a natural colored tone is always the best choice and we will help you choose one that fits your look.

lip color and polishing

Lip Liner

Let’s say you do have decent color on your lips, but it needs that extra “oomph.” Lip liners, much like eyeliners, do just that. Subtle changes can have a dramatic effect when it comes to lip colors and lip liners is one of those things that can change your overall look. A combination of both lip color, shading and lining can change how your lips look

lip micropigmentation in chennai