Skin Whitening Doctor In Chennai

  • Skin whitening, otherwise called skin lightening and skin bleaching, is the act of utilizing synthetic substances trying to lighten the skin or give an even skin tone by lessening the melanin fixation in the skin. Through skin whitening treatment the skin will get a clear and light skin tone.

    Skin Whitening treatment benefits?

    • Decreases skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation.
    • Eliminates uneven skin tone and smoothens the complexion.
    • Treats sun tanning, melasma, blotchy patches.
    • Treats age spots, suntan, Lichen Planus Pigmentosus (LPP), Lentigines, and freckles.
    • IV Glutathione
    • Chemical peel

    IV Glutathione   Skin brightening IV glutathione infusions can even help individuals with minor skin flaws and give an overall better look by diminishing the presence of red spots and any rough patches that might exist. Skin whitening infusion might include ingredients like tranexamic acid, glutathione, Vitamin C, and vitamin E. The cosmetic reason for the infusion includes skin lightening, anti-aging, and removing scars. This treatment will take not more than 60 minutes.

    This advanced treatment is safe and gives zero side effects and gives extremely durable outcomes, those who long for fair skin with no flaw, with no hyperpigmentation, just smooth and radiant skin then IV glutathione is the best option
    We take extreme attention to detail in giving this infusion. Please con our primary care physician to find out about this treatment.

    Chemical Peel   This type of treatment uses non-harmful chemical substances to infiltrate the surface layers of skin to treat pigmentation issues. Varying concentrated chemicals pervade the skin layers more and ought to be performed by experienced cosmetologists. Results will in general fluctuate according to the skin types, yet chemical peels upgrade the surface of the skin and tackle uneven pigmentation adequately.

    Whether you are looking to remove skin issues or simply love to have fresh, fair, and flawless skin, BM Plastic & Cosmetology clinic can give the best and safe skin whitening treatment for you.
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