Spot Fat Reduction In Chennai

Certain parts of your body have a higher tendency to store fat.
It includes:

  • Arms
  • Love handles
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Double Chin

Many people label these areas as stubborn fat as it is difficult to reduce fat from these areas. At Fat Lozz
clinic, we perform reliable spot reduction therapy to ensure that you end up losing those obstinate fat
pockets in no time. Unparalleled expertise, safety and advanced therapy tools are our hallmarks.

Talk about old age or naturally sagging skin—flabby arms can be a natural outcome. Professionals at Fat Lozz brings the best of their skills to help you come out of your woes.

We perform safe, minimally invasive arm tuck procedures. Our services are backed by highly advanced tools that enable us to offer quality services within market-competitive price brackets. Do get in touch with our experts to know more about arm tuck and reduction procedures.

Your love handles or muffin top has a higher ratio of alpha-receptors to beta-receptors compared to other body areas. It means, that where typical diet & exercise succeeds in mobilizing fat depots, it fails to reduce love handle fat. So, planks do not help much to reduce the bulging sides or love handles. There is nothing like Love Handles Diet or Muffin top diet, which can help to lose love handles in men or women. At Fat Lozz clinic, we provide the best treatment U-Lipo® Side Tuck which includes focussing on prevention and improving insulin sensitivity to losing that stubborn fat.

If you are looking for toned thighs then Fat Lozz clinic is your one-stop destination. We offer a wide range of quality beauty and slimming treatments.
Just imagine yourself, working out hard at the gym and being able to knock off the fat deposits from all other parts of your body except your thighs! Don’t let this disappointment bog you down. Contact professionals for the least invasive and safe thigh tuck procedures. We guarantee results at affordable prices! The procedures are carried out in safe environments!

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