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  • What is it ?

    Laser skin tightening is a non surgical procedure to tighten the lose skin. The laser light therapy also removes the wrinkles and facial lines so as to provide a youthful appearance.

  • Who need it?

    Laser face tightening can be used for both men and women of all ages and all skin types. People who lose their looks to age and get a saggy skin on the face can opt for laser therapy and tighten the loose skin cells.

  • Treatment

    The treatment procedure is non invasive and a particular intensity of laser light is exposed to the skin while will heat up the skin and causes the loose skin to contract. This will tighten the skin and reduce the aged look on your face. The results of this treatment are visually seen as soon as the treatment is over. It is an effective and safe procedure to tighten the skin.

    Forehead can have frown lines which is caused due to ageing. It is one of the easiest problems which can be treated by non surgical methods.

    Periorbital region involves the area surrounding the socket of the eye. This region might need some rejuvenation in order to avoid the effects of ageing which can be provided by non surgical treatments such as lasers or chemical peels.

    The cheeks may get hollow or saggy as a result of ageing. This can hinder the beauty of your face. Hence, the cheeks can be treated by using Lasers to tighten the skin and provide a flawless look on your face.

    Perioral region involves the region around the mouth. Due to ageing, the skin around the mouth can develop wrinkles or even smile lines which start from the sides of the nose to mouth also begins to appear. Laser skin tightening can be used to contract the loose skin and provide a smooth looking face.

    A saggy jawline can be caused due to ageing, sun damage or gravity. This can lead to a a double chin or turkey neck which spoils the looks. Any loose skin area can be contracted using laser by concentrating it in that region.