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Decubitus Ulcers are also known as pressure sores or bed sores. These sores affect the skin and its tissue, it is because of the continuous or prolonged pressure extended in that skin area. If the areas of skin are in contact with the mattress or chair for a long time the skin might be in danger of ulcerating.

What is it ?

Pressure ulcers are damages caused to a particular region of the skin due to the pressure imposed on it. The excess or regular pressure on the skin reduces the blood supply to the skin. People who are bedridden or in a wheelchair have very high chances of suffering from pressure ulcers. It can result in red areas on the skin or even cause severe damage to the underlying tissues.


Pressure sores are caused due to immobility which leads to constant pressure on a particular region. It can also be caused when there is friction between the body and other materials (Transferring someone between bed and wheelchair).


Pressure injuries are reviewed in four levels, including:
Grade I –    skin discoloration, mostly red, blue, purple, or dark
Grade II –    some skin loss or damage in the layers of the skin
Grade III –    putrefaction (demise) or damage to the skin fix, restricted to the skin layers
Grade IV –    rot (demise) or damage to the skin fix and hidden constructions, like ligament, joint, or bone.

Risk factors of pressure sores

Untreated pressure sores can prompt a wide assortment of optional conditions, including:

  • sepsis (Bacterial infection in the blood)
  • cellulitis (inflammation of body tissue, causing swelling and redness)
  • bone and joint infections
  • an abscess (a collection of pus)
  • Cancer (squamous cell carcinoma).

Other more complications of Pressure sores are as follows

  • immobility and paralysis
  • Limits the person sitting or lying process
  • Malnutrition
  • Obesity
  • Blood circulation damage

Pressure Sores Spots

Pressure sores may appear in many places, including

  • Back
  • Side of the head
  • Shoulders & upper back
  • Hipbones
  • Tailbone & lower back


There are various treatment options accessible to oversee pressure wounds and advance mending, contingent upon the seriousness of the tension sore.
Some of the simple ways to avoid pressure ulcers are,

  • Redistributing the pressure by moving the person
  • Regular exercise
  • Providing the right Diet
  • Providing support(using pillows)
  • Plastic surgery to remove the ulcerated skin tissue that involves thorough debridement of the sores, the surgery includes removal of exposed bone or underlying, and closure of the wound.
  • Using skin grafts if needed during the surgery

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Pressure sore Treatment in Chennai