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  • Scar Treatment in Chennai

    Scars are nowadays a major concern for many. Some scars represent a person’s individuality and tell a brave story, but not all want it noticed or questioned.

    Regardless of your age, some scars are unwanted, such as pimple scars, deep wrinkles, or post-accident or surgical scars which are discomforting and raise your consciousness.

    BM Plastic and Cosmetics is the right place to cater to your scarring needs. We have a set of the best scar treatment in Chennai that will bring back the glow and flawless skin.

    Several treatments are available here that can help you get rid of the scars that no longer need to be told. These treatments remove the marks caused by acne, wrinkles, or surgery.

  • Scars types and the treatment

    Our treatment protocols are tailored based on the type of scars. Each scar takes its own time and process to heal based on the size, depth, gene, and severity of the injury. Many scars, however, leave a permanent mark.

    The procedure at BM Plastic and Cosmetics is customized based on the patient’s specific needs to provide the best scar treatment in Chennai.

  • APRP Treatment for Scars

    We use activated platelet-rich plasma to eliminate and reduce the scars & Spots. The PRP therapy breaks the scar tissue and supplies the required platelet to stimulate the growth and healing of the scars & spots.

    A series of injections is induced on the injured area to promote healing. It also has anti-aging properties resulting in younger and fresh-looking skin. We use APRP for Acne, Keloid, and Surgical Acne removal treatment for best results.

  • Laser Treatment for Scars

    Laser resurfacing treatment removes the top layer of the skin where the scar is located. Once the top layer of the skin is removed, the skin transforms into vibrant, smoother skin, and the scar is diminished to a greater extent.

    In Ablative laser resurfacing erbium YAG or carbon dioxide CO2 laser for the treatment, whereas in Non-ablative laser resurfacing infrared lasers are used.

    We choose the type of best scar laser treatment in Chennai based on the skin type & severity of the marks.

  • Carboxytherapy for scars

    Carboxytherapy is used to infiltrate carbon-di-oxide into the skin through a small incision; this increases the collagen deposits and enables reorganization of the scar tissue. This non-invasive therapy is as effective as micro-needling.

  • Steroid injection for scars

    Steroids injections are injected directly into the scar tissue for immediate relief from itchiness, burns, and redness. It also decreases the size of the tissue, making the skin soft and flat.

  • Surgical Scar Treatment

    Scar removal surgery includes reconstructive techniques, scar removal, skin expansion, and a variety of approaches to stimulate collagen production. After the procedure, you may anticipate some irritation such as redness, bruising, and pain for a short period. This surgical scar treatment includes both pre-and post-treatment precautions. Sun protection for at least 3 weeks is mandatory to maintain the best results from the scar removal treatment. The scars are reduced to a greater extent, but they are not completely reversible.

    For effective results, every scar requires a unique treatment procedure. We have an experienced team of dermatologists at BM Plastic and Cosmetics who provide the best scar treatment in Chennai for every scar & patient.