Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation

Everyone wants to have attractive features. Unfortunately, it takes time and rigorous exercise. But the cosmetic surgeons in Chennai have a nice little shortcut that anyone can take advantage of.

Cosmetic surgeons aren’t great at just modifying a person’s facial features. They also alter other parts of the body. The ones a person may feel insecure about. This includes parts like a person’s buttocks as well.

There are tons of reasons why a person would opt for a buttock augmentation procedure. Some are mentioned below.

  • Improved Body Image and Confidence: This is one of the major benefits of a buttock augmentation procedure. Those suffering from self-esteem issues due to a small or asymmetric buttock can greatly benefit from this procedure. The confidence boost you get from having a perfect body will be reflected in your everyday activities and your personal and professional lives. Additionally, you’ll also appear more confident in form-fitting clothing like leggings, tight jeans, and certain party wear.
  • Assured Results: Exercise can be slow and arduous. Plus, there’s lots of dieting involved. This can be difficult for someone who has to juggle between work and personal life. A buttock augmentation procedure at BM Cosmetic, the best cosmetic clinic in Chennai, is quick and simple. A hassle-free technique to get the job done easily.
  • Reduced Body Fat: Popular buttock augmentation methods, like the Brazilian butt lift, use fat from other parts to alter the buttocks. This means that you get a well-shaped, attractive butt while losing weight in problematic areas at the same time.
  • A More Balanced Physique: A butt augmentation procedure is also used to correct asymmetric or out-of-shape butts. This gives people the freedom to wear clothing that complements their physique and makes them appear more confident in day-to-day life.

What Does Buttock Augmentation Achieve?

As the name suggests, a buttock augmentation procedure enhances a person’s buttocks. This could include

  • Improve the fullness of the buttocks
  • Alter the butt into a more attractive shape
  • Increase or reduce the size of the buttocks

BM Cosmetic, home of the best cosmetic surgeon in Chennai, ensures patients get attractive, fully shaped buttocks that will boost their confidence.

One of the most popular methods for buttock augmentation is the Brazilian butt lift.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is a medical procedure where a doctor transfers fat from other parts of the body. Fat is usually drawn out of the

  • Belly
  • Hips
  • Lower back
  • Thighs

A Brazilian butt lift helps one achieve an hourglass figure with larger, more attractive buttocks. This is possible if the fat comes from the belly or lower back. This procedure focuses on increasing the volume of the buttocks rather than lifting them.

Brazilian Butt Lift – Advantages

A Brazilian butt lift is the most sought-after procedure when it comes to buttock augmentation. The following are the reasons why more people opt for a Brazilian butt lift.

  • A Brazilian butt lift is comparatively safer than other methods of buttock augmentation. Recent technological advancements have only increased its safety levels.
  • The procedure is semi-permanent. Most of the time, the results last for a few years. Maintaining weight helps the results last for at least a decade.
  • The procedure doesn’t use implants.
  • A Brazilian butt lift uses fat from other parts of the body to augment the buttocks. This means that opting for a Brazilian butt lift also helps reduce fat in other parts of the body.
  • Lower chances of infection.
  • Attractiveness aside, a Brazilian butt lift also helps in correcting saggy buttocks that occur due to age.

The Ideal Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift

There are factors that may interfere with a person’s interest in undergoing a Brazilian butt lift. On your first visit to BM Cosmetic, the best cosmetic clinic in Chennai, you’ll get a clear idea of what to expect. Given below are some conditions that talk about who can opt for a Brazilian butt lift.

    • Your age or weight fluctuation has resulted in a loss of natural shape
    • You don’t feel comfortable or confident in your clothes
    • You have a healthy weight
    • You don’t smoke
    • You have fat in other parts of the body that you’d like to lose
    • Your lifestyle includes regular exercise and other healthy habits
    • You haven’t faced any infections or surgery-related illnesses recently
    • You want well-rounded buttocks

What is Discussed in a Buttock Augmentation Consultation?

Consultation is the first step in any plastic surgery procedure. In this step, the surgeon will have an in-depth discussion about

  • Surgery goals
  • Existing medical conditions and allergies
  • Medication and supplements the patient is currently taking
  • Information about alcohol, tobacco, and drug usage
  • Information about previous surgeries

Once this is done, the next step is a full-body analysis. Just about any cosmetic surgeon in Chennai will conduct a comprehensive health checkup. Additionally, they will also

  • Take accurate measurements of your body
  • Take photographs for comparison and future reference
  • Discuss the possible options and recommend one
  • Talk about the recommended option and explain the potential outcome

Preparing For a Brazilian Butt Lift

Just like other surgeries, a Brazilian butt lift needs some preparation. This ensures that the procedure goes smoothly. Given below are some tips that will help in preparing for a Brazilian butt lift at BM Cosmetic, the best cosmetic clinic in Chennai.

  1. Watch what you eat. It is important to be at your best weight during and after the procedure, as it helps maintain the results.
  2. Do not smoke. It is recommended to stop smoking for at least 3 weeks before and after the procedure.
  3. Avoid medications like
    1. Aspirin
    2. Ibuprofen
    3. Naproxen
    4. Motrin
    5. Vitamin E
    6. Omega-3
    7. Fish oil
  4. Avoid foods, drinks, and herbal supplements that increase the risk of bleeding
  5. Wear loose, comfortable clothing
  6. Stay hydrated
  7. Start sleeping on your side or stomach if you are someone who sleeps on the back.

What Happens During a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that uses fat grafting, meaning fat from one part of the body is transferred to the buttocks. It is the most preferred method due to its natural-looking results. The following are the steps that a cosmetic surgeon in Chennai will follow during a Brazilian butt lift.

  1. The patient is administered a local anaesthetic depending on the amount of fat that is to be transferred. An anti-nausea medication is given to patients who are prone to getting sick due to anaesthesia.
  2. The surgeon then uses liposuction to remove fat from a specific part of the body. Fat is usually transferred from
    1. Hips
    2. Stomach
    3. Thighs
  3. The removed fat is purified, and preparations are made to be administered into your buttocks through injections.
  4. The surgeon makes anywhere from 3 to 5 incisions on the buttocks for fat transfers and completes the procedure.
  5. The liposuction and fat transfer incisions are sealed up.
  6. The surgeon applies a compression garment to the incision sites to reduce the risk of bleeding.

Post Surgery Care

Once the surgery is done, the patient has to take extra care of the incision sites and buttocks. Some common post surgery safety precautions are mentioned below.

  • The patient will have to sleep on their stomach or side for the first two weeks after the surgery. Including a few pillows under the pelvis increases overall comfort.
  • The patient should stand up and walk at every possible opportunity. When lying down, it is recommended to move the legs and ankles from time to time.
  • The patient should only take medications that are approved or prescribed by the surgeon and avoid self-medication.
  • The patient must follow a low-fat diet. They must consume liquids immediately after surgery before moving on to solid foods.
  • The patient must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.
  • Alcohol must be avoided
  • The patient must use an extra cushion or pillow when sitting. It helps reduce direct pressure on the grafted site. They should also avoid sitting for extended periods.
  • Wearing a compression garment for two weeks after the surgery is recommended.

A Brazilian butt lift is one of those procedures that enhances a person’s appearance and quality of life. Considering its importance, one must reach out to the top cosmetic surgeons in Chennai for the procedure.

If you’re planning a Brazilian butt lift, plan a visit to BM Cosmetic, the best cosmetic clinic in Chennai. Situated in Nanganallur, BM Cosmetic has a sprawling 35-bed facility with all the latest amenities. The 10-year-old aesthetic centre also has some of the best cosmetic surgeons in Chennai, who have won numerous awards.

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