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Chin Reduction

Chin reduction, or mentoplasty, is a procedure to reduce the size of a long or wide chin. The chin is an important feature of the face. An appropriate projection of the chin makes you look young and delays ageing. If you feel your chin is projected far from your nose or is too wide, mentoplasty may be right for you.

Who Should Get Chin Reduction Surgery?

An inappropriately projected chin can damage your entire face’s aesthetics. A good chin projection is important for looking good. People with the following conditions can look into getting a chin reduction:


  • Deformities in the jaw that were present during the birth
  • People who have macrogenia will need chin reduction surgery. Macrogenia is the medical term that refers to people who have an unusually large chin
  • Prognathism, also known as the Habsburg jaw, is the extension or bulging out of the lower jaw. This could happen due to injuries or childhood habits
  • Witch’s chin is another condition that causes aesthetic defects in the chin


Regardless of the condition you have, you can fix your chin. As said, a chin deformity can damage your entire face’s aesthetic. This can bring down your confidence and self-esteem. You may have trouble making social connections when you have low self-confidence.

Preparing for Chin Reduction Surgery

Not everyone is aware of what goes on during surgery. This lack of knowledge leads to people being scared of surgeries. In reality, surgery is not something you should be afraid of, especially cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is something that makes you look more beautiful and confident. Keeping the following points in mind can help you prepare better for surgery:


  • The first thing you need to do before surgery is quit smoking. Smoking can delay the healing process. This can leave a bigger scar on the operation site
  • Chin reduction surgery will be done only on adults. Chin surgery can be done only after your bone has stopped growing
  • You need to have realistic expectations. You will look far better than your past self, but still, having realistic expectations is important
  • Your healthcare provider will likely run some tests on you to find out whether you are allergic to any medications
  • Arrange transportation. You will be on pain medication after the accident, so you will not be able to drive. It is best to have someone accompany you on the surgery day


Following the aforementioned instructions can help you prepare better for the surgery. It will also make the surgery process much smoother than it already is.

Chin Reduction Surgery Procedure

  • The first step in chin reduction surgery is giving either local or general anaesthesia
  • After that, the surgeon will make an incision inside the mouth or below the chin. They will try to make incision in the less visible area
  • Through the incision, the surgeon will access the chin bone
  • According to your needs, the surgeon will reshape the chin by shaving, contouring, or repositioning the chin bone
  • Once the bone is repositioned in the desired place, the surgeon will stabilise the bone with the help of plates and screws
  • Finally, the surgeon will use sutures to close the incision


This is the standard procedure for chin reduction surgery. Note that you will be given anaesthesia and will not feel anything. So, if you are on the fence about getting chin reduction surgery, do it.


Learning about the recovery process that comes after the surgery is also important. Knowledge about the recovery process leads to a quick recovery. Since the actions you take following the surgery have a huge impact on your recovery, you need to know what actions to take:


  • It is fair to assume that you will feel some kind of pain and discomfort. Know that it is not uncommon
  • Your surgeon will prescribe antibiotics and pain medications to manage the pain. Take those without fail. Do not stop unless your surgeon says so
  • A proper diet plan can help with a quick recovery. Follow the diet plan your surgeon recommends
  • Avoid eating hard-to-chew food for some days. Sacrifice meat for some days for a quick recovery
  • Change the dressing on the wound regularly
  • Do not miss any follow-up consultations


In addition to the aforementioned recovery tips, give rest to your body. Taking rest is the best way to recover soon.

Benefits of Chin Reduction Surgery

  • The best benefit of chin reduction surgery is that it can boost your confidence to a great extent. Socialising will not be awkward for you anymore
  • Improved facial aesthetics. Your face will have improved symmetry and a harmonious appearance
  • Surprisingly, chin reduction surgery can improve your mental health. Having a bad chin can make you depressed due to low confidence. This can be fixed with the help of surgery
  • Chin reduction surgery is pretty effective, safe, and long-lasting

Why Choose BM Cosmetic

Chin reduction surgery has many benefits. Choosing to do the surgery at a reputed clinic like BM Cosmetic has more advantages. Here’s why you should choose BM Cosmetic for your chin reduction surgery:


  • Chin reduction surgery is affordable at BM Cosmetic
  • The surgeons at BM Cosmetic have over 10 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery
  • Getting the surgery done at BM Cosmetic means you will be in safe hands
  • BM Cosmetic will care for you after the procedure too. We will help you heal as soon as possible.


Do not choose an inexperienced surgeon to do your chin reduction surgery. Instead, get the help of top surgeons in Chennai by choosing BM Cosmetic.


If you have second thoughts about getting chin reduction surgery, book a call with us. Consulting with a top surgeon may help you make a decision. We also offer virtual consultations. To book an appointment, give us a call at +919952099620 or email us at

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