How to remove dark circles under the eyes permanently?

If you would ask people what’s the biggest concern of their face- they would surely say dark circles. Not just they ruin facial appearance, but also make you look older and tired. However, saying dark circles a serious problem is not fair! Why? Because it may be treatable with effective dark circle removal tips.

There are plenty of ways, from medically recommended as how to remove dark circles under the eyes? natural way that help fade the darkness around the eyes or get rid of dark circles thoroughly. However, bear in mind, not all under-eye creams or even techniques or remedies won’t help shadow the dark circles in one or two days. Saying this means, consistency and patience is a key to achieving a dark circle-free appearance like before.

Note: Dark circles can occur with different pigmentation and the extent of its complexity can also vary. So, the given techniques may not be suitable for everyone. In our opinion, before trying these out on yourself, you are advised to make sure what type of dark circles you have.

Tips on how to get rid of dark circles permanently

1.     Tea Bags

Usually, people keep cucumber slices over their eyes to get rid of puffiness. Applying or rubbing cucumber can also help in keeping pigmentation away from the eyes. Since cucumber contains vitamins and bioactive compounds, it may interfere with tyrosinase activity, resulting in dark-circle-free eyes. Additionally, it improves eye inflammation that may be caused by eczema, poor sleep cycles, or allergies.

Do this: Make a thick paste using one spoon of aloe vera gel and a slice of cucumber. Apply it to the targeted area and let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Rise with clean water.

Tip: Apply it once daily for visible results.

2.     Getting proper sleep

One of the major causes of dark circles is not getting enough sleep (8 hours). Experiencing poor-quality sleep for a long time can lead to dark circles around the eyes, puffiness, and fatigue. In a study, it was found that good general health and rest reduce the dark circles under the eye.

3.     Using cold compresses

One who has tried multiple methods and is serious about how to get rid of dark circles permanently must try this remedy.

Note: Applying cold compresses is really beneficial for people who have enlarged vasculature. With this remedy, the blood vessels around the eyes naturally shrink, which can eliminate their appearance on the skin surface, in return. Additionally, cold compresses can help reduce pigmentation as well as swelling around the eyes.

4.     Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a vital role in producing collagen. The more collagen production increases under your eyes, the faster blood stasis reduces, resulting in discoloration.

Tip: If you’re searching for how to remove dark circles under your eyes permanently, start using skincare or beauty products with high amounts of Vitamin C. Doing so may help improve the appearance of pigmentation under the eyes.

Summing Up!

Whatever the cause of dark eyes – aging, stress, inadequate sleep, dehydration, or allergies, with the above tips you can gradually get rid of it.