What is Hydrafacial?

Is there is anyone who doesn’t love smooth, bright and youth looking skin? But unfortunately many of us fall for the OTC products and spend a fortune on oils, creams, essences and serums.

They get into the multistep skin care routine.

Without doing this you can get that glowing youthful skin with a facial that is raise in popularity

Who can take up Dermaplaning Treatment?

You may consider Hydra facial  

  • If you do regular facial spa routine
  • Want to avoid chemical peels or laser surfacing which leaves your skin red and irritated for hours after the facial
  • If you have soft skin in your teens and don’t want the harsh facial routines
  • Suitable for any skin type

How the hydrafacial procedure works?

Hydrafacial uses a patented device for the procedure and contains four steps.

Exfoliation & Cleansing :

This step removes the dead skin cells and sebum while gently opening the pores

A Gentle Chemical peel:

This step loosens the deep pore debris

Vacuum suction extraction:

Painless removals of blackheads and impurities from your pores. These impurities are collected in a cup and will be discarded

Hydrating serum:

Application of a soothing proprietary ant oxidative and hydrating serum with peptides and other beneficial nutrients. This helps to detoxify, rejuvenate, and hydrate the skin.

This system uses a vortex swirling action to deliver hydration and to remove dead skin, dirt, debris, and impurities while cleaning and soothing your skin. 

It can treat many of the beauty issues like large pores, wrinkles, breakouts and thinning skin. It is often used along with LED light therapy. Blue light therapy helps treat acne while red light can help reduce the visibility of the wrinkles.