Axillary Breast

What is Axillary Breast?

Axillary breast is a medical condition that is seen in a small percentage of women and men. It is often confused with armpit fat, which is something that is seen in obese individuals.

The average human body has breast tissues that extend to the centre of the underarm, or, in technical terms, the midaxillary line. One can also find the axillary tail of Spence, or the tail of the breast tissue, extending to the underarm.

Sometimes there is a growth of lymph nodes, fat tissues, or breast glandular issues in the underarm (axilla). This condition is called the axillary breast.

Unlike armpit fat, axillary breast causes pain and discomfort. Both conditions can dent a person’s self-esteem. There are also chances that the axillary breast can turn cancerous. Axillary breast can be temporary, but there are also reported cases of ones that last for a while. It can appear under one arm or under both arms.

To find out whether you are suffering from axillary breast or armpit fat, it is important to visit a reputable cosmetic surgeon in Chennai. BM Cosmetic, a 10-year-old NABH-accredited aesthetic centre, has been correcting axillary breast for hundreds of men and women over the years.

Axillary Breast – Symptoms

It is easy to confuse axillary breast with armpit fat and vice versa. This is why it is important to stay informed about the symptoms of axillary breast. This helps in spotting the condition early and getting it rectified quickly.

The common symptoms of axillary breast include

  • A lump in the armpit
  • Pain when performing everyday activities
  • Restriction of normal arm movement
  • Pain on the medial side of the arm

Types of Axillary Breast

The type of axillary breast varies depending on the severity of the condition. All abnormal growths in the breast are categorized using the Kajava classification. Based on it, the following are the different classes of axillary breast.

  • Class I: The lump looks like another breast. Glandular breast tissues, nipples, and areola can be found.
  • Class II: The nipple and glandular breast tissue are present without the areola.
  • Class III: The glandular breast tissue and areola are present without the nipple.
  • Class IV: Only glandular breast tissue is present.
  • Class V: Also known as pseudomamma, a class V axillary breast has a nipple and an areola without glandular tissue.
  • Class VI: Only the nipple can be found. Class VI axillary breast is also known as polythelia.
  • Class VII: Only the areola is present. Class VII axillary breast is also known as polythelia areolaris.
  • Class VIII: A class VIII axillary breast only has a small patch of hair.

During your initial consultation at BM Cosmetic, the best cosmetic clinic in Chennai, our specialists will run a full analysis of your condition and decide on the best possible treatment for you.

Axillary Breast – Causes

Axillary breast happens due to a range of factors. They are listed below.

  • Genetics: Genetics plays an important role in the formation of axillary breast. There are reports that those who suffer from this condition inherited it from their mothers.
  • Hormones: This is another common reason for axillary breast. A sudden change in hormone levels leads to the development of the axillary breast. The shift in estrogen and progesterone levels generally happens due to puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. This causes the breast tissue in the underarms to appear thicker.
  • Obesity: There are increased chances of an obese individual suffering from axillary breast. Obesity causes subcutaneous fat to be deposited in and around the underarm region. This is seen as a factor in causing axillary breasts.

Axillary Breast – Diagnosis

There are multiple methods by which axillary breast is diagnosed. One can be done at home, while you need the help of a doctor for others.

One of the best ways you can get a diagnosis for axillary breast is by visiting BM Cosmetic. As the best cosmetic clinic in Chennai, we will help you not just diagnose the condition but also treat it.

Here are some of the common ways in which axillary breast is diagnosed.

  • Self-breast Examination: A self-breast examination is used to detect abnormal changes or infections in the breast. The same method can be used to detect axillary breast as well.
  • Mammogram: As an X-ray of the breast, a mammogram is usually used to detect breast cancer in women. But it comes in handy in diagnosing axillary breast as well.
  • Ultrasound: A method that uses sound waves to create accurate images of organs, tissues, and other structures in the body. Ultrasound is pretty useful in detecting axillary breast as well.
  • Needle Biopsy: In this method, a sample of the affected breast tissue is taken and sent to the lab for additional tests. This helps in diagnosing axillary breast.

Treatment Options for Axillary Breast at BM Cosmetic, the Best Cosmetic Clinic in Chennai

Although there are non-surgical methods to treat axillary breast, their efficacy is questionable. A cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, is quick and highly effective. The results are visible immediately.

Based on the current condition of the axillary breast, you may opt for one of the three procedures below.

  1. Liposuction: This is the preferred method for axillary breast. In this method, a cosmetic surgeon will drain the fat off the lump in the underarm. This is a great option when the size of the axillary breast is small. Scarring is minimal for this procedure. You will be given local anaesthesia before the procedure.
  2. Surgical Excision: This method is favoured in situations where the breast tissues are larger than usual. In surgical excision, a surgeon will make a small incision and cut out the abnormal breast tissue. You will be administered general anaesthesia before the procedure.
  3. Axilla Plasty: This method is a combination of liposuction and surgical excision. The fat is first drained off, and then the abnormal breast tissue is cut out. As axilla plasty involves surgery, you will be given general anaesthesia before the procedure.

The surgical procedures for axillary breast must be performed by experts. This is why getting the procedure done at BM Cosmetic is the recommended option. We have some of the best cosmetic surgeons in Chennai who have many years of experience treating similar cases.

Post Surgery Care

As with all surgeries, some pain is to be expected. Taking pain medications prescribed by your surgeon will help alleviate the pain.

Also, consider taking a few days off work to rest. You must avoid exercising and other strenuous activities. You may also have to wear a compression garment for a few weeks.

For those suffering from axillary breast, it is vital to choose the right cosmetic surgeon in Chennai. It is recommended to have the surgery performed by an expert surgeon, specifically the ones available at BM Cosmetic.

BM Cosmetic has a huge 35-bed facility equipped with all the necessary equipment. You can be rest assured that after the axillary breast treatment at BM Cosmetic, the best cosmetic clinic in Chennai, you will be a new man/woman.

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