Dimple Creation

Dimple Creation

One thing everyone will always remember is your smile. A smile has a great effect on people. It brings joy to everyone. Sadly, not everyone is blessed with a beautiful smile. In fact, some people hate their own smile to the extent that they refuse to smile.

It is really unfortunate that people are not confident about their smiles. Luckily, they can fix that with the help of top surgeons in Chennai.

Dimples are something that can make your smile more beautiful. You can create dimples artificially through surgery. It is a very easy procedure that is both safe and effective.

Why People Love Dimples

People love dimples for various reasons. Following are some reasons why people are fond of dimples:

  • The first reason for dimple love is that it improves the aesthetics of a person. It makes them look more attractive and youthful
  • One of the overlooked reasons for dimple love is celebrity influence. Many beautiful actors and actresses in India have dimples, so people love it
  • In India, there is a belief that dimples bring good luck. Some people want dimples so that they can achieve big things in their life
  • Dimples can boost one’s self-confidence. People with dimples know that others will love their smile

If you are someone who loves dimples but is not blessed with one, it is time for you to get one. Get your desired smile with the help of a top cosmetics surgeon in Chennai.

Dimpleplasty Surgery Procedure

Dimpleplasty is an outpatient procedure, which means you can go home after the surgery is done. It also means you don’t need general anaesthesia for the procedure. Below is the procedure surgeons will follow in dimpleplasty surgery:

  • The surgeon will apply topical anaesthesia. It will take about 10 minutes for the anaesthesia to take effect
  • Then, the surgeon will use biopsy equipment to create a hole in your face
  • Some fat and muscle will be removed in the process
  • After they create the hole, they will suture from one side of the cheek to the other side. This will make the manual dimple permanent

As you can see, the procedure is pretty simple and safe. This is why you are allowed to go home after the procedure is done.

Recovery After the Procedure

The recovery period for dimpleplasty is very short, as it is a very simple procedure. Swelling on the operation site is pretty normal and will go away in some time on its own. Following are some of the things you should follow to recover sooner:

  • Do not eat hard-to-chew foods for some days. Hard-to-chew food may damage the suture or cause pain and discomfort
  • Take the pain medications and antibiotics your doctor prescribed without fail
  • Attend all the follow-up appointments without fail. Your doctor will regularly check on your wellbeing

The suture inside the cheek will automatically dissolve in about two weeks. That is when the recovery process is considered complete. After that, you will get a natural-looking dimple when you smile.

Benefits of Dimpleplasty

Dimpleplasty surgery will have positive mental and aesthetic impacts. Following are some of the benefits of dimpleplasty that make it an unavoidable surgery:

  • The primary benefit of dimpleplasty surgery is that it heavily improves facial aesthetics. You will definitely look more beautiful
  • People who are not feeling confident about their smile will regain their confidence after dimpleplasty surgery
  • One reason why you should consider this operation is that it is a low-risk operation
  • It is done as an outpatient surgery. So, it is a pretty quick and convenient procedure
  • Dimples give you a youthful look, even if it is created manually
  • The result of dimpleplasty is permanent and long-lasting

Dimpleplasty at BM Cosmetic

BM Cosmetic has expert surgeons who have more than two decades of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. By choosing BM Cosmetic, you can make the already safe procedure safer. The surgeons at BM Cosmetic know what they are doing.

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