Dr. T. Rajinikanth


Dr. T. Rajinikanth, MBBS, MS, MCh, the founder of BM Cosmetic and Spring Med Spa, is Chennai's most wanted plastic and cosmetic surgeon, known for his exceptional skills and outstanding results. With 21 years of experience and 13 years specializing in hair transplants, he has earned a strong reputation in the field. Dr. Rajinikanth is the go-to choice for individuals seeking plastic surgery in Chennai. His knowledge in the field, combined with a compassionate approach, has earned him the trust of patients, making him the best plastic surgeon in Chennai. His reputation as the best plastic surgeon in Chennai is a testament to his skills and commitment to his craft. With an eye for detail and a heart full of empathy, Dr. Rajinikanth approaches each surgery with a blend of scientific precision and artistic finesse. Dr. Rajinikanth understands the complexities of beauty and the intricacies of the human form, ensuring that every surgery he performs is a masterpiece.