Fresh Injuries

BM Cosmetic: The Best Place to Get Plastic Surgery for Traumatic/Fresh Injury

Are you suffering from fresh injuries that result from burns, accidents, animal bites, or violence? Did the traumatic injury damage your skin, bones, muscles, tissues, blood vessels, or nerves? So, it is necessary to undergo plastic surgery for your condition.

BM Cosmetic is the best cosmetic clinic that specialises in offering plastic surgery for the below traumatic injuries:

  • Lacerations or facial fractures that affect the nose, eyes, jaw, ears, or mouth
  • Craniofacial injuries or defects that affect the brain, face, or skull
  • Hand injuries that affect the tendons, fingers, blood vessels, or nerves
  • Complex wounds that involve large areas of tissue damage or skin loss
  • Extremity injuries that affect the legs or arms

How will the surgeons at BM Cosmetic help you?

BM Cosmetic’s surgeons are well-qualified and experienced in performing plastic surgery for fresh injuries. They have the knowledge and skills to handle any kind of traumatic injury. They can improve the appearance and restore the function of your injured body part.

Our plastic surgeons in Chennai use advanced techniques to diagnose your traumatic condition, and then they will do reconstructive plastic surgery. They will also explain the benefits and risks of plastic surgery.

They will also suggest ways to prepare yourself for the treatment. Our surgeon will also inform you what to expect during and after the plastic surgery, such as the anaesthesia, duration, recovery time, and pain management.

They will offer you postoperative care and follow-up services to keep track of your healing process. Our surgeon will prescribe you painkillers, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent inflection. They will also advise you on how to clean your wound and prevent infection. So, you should avoid going in the sun and never put pressure on your wound.

Our surgeons are committed to providing you with comprehensive and personalised care for your traumatic injury. They value your privacy and dignity, and they treat you with empathy and compassion.

Why is plastic surgery essential for people who have suffered traumatic injuries?

Here are some of the ways plastic surgery can help people with severe traumatic injuries:

  • Improving the appearance and confidence of the patients Basically, traumatic injuries can cause:
  1. Severe disfigurement
  2. Deformity
  3. Scarring of the face
  4. Other visible parts of the body

This can impact the social and psychological wellness of patients. So, patients need to undergo plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery can eliminate or reduce the scars, correct the deformities, and restore the normal appearance of the injured areas.

This will improve the confidence levels and quality of life of the patients.

  • Restoring the mobility and functionality of the affected body parts: Traumatic injuries can affect the movement and function of the joints, limbs, organs, muscles, or nerves. It can limit the ability of the patients to perform their work and other daily activities.

Plastic surgery can replace or repair damaged tissues, reconnect blood vessels, or repair severed nerves.

It also reconstructs the missing or lost body parts using grafts, flaps, prosthetics, or implants. This can help the patients regain their physical function and mobility.

  • Treating or preventing infections or complications: Traumatic injuries can increase the risk of inflammation, infection, or necrosis (tissue death).

Plastic surgery can clean and remove dead tissue from the wounds. And cover them with healthy tissue or skin from another part of the patient’s body or a donor.

This can treat or prevent infections, promote healing, and decrease swelling and pain.

  • Decreasing the need for long-term therapy or medication Generally, traumatic injuries can cause discomfort, chronic pain, and disability. In order to manage this condition, it can require medication and therapy for a long time.

Plastic surgery can reduce these symptoms by identifying the underlying cause of the issue and improving the condition of the injured areas.

This can save money and time for the patients and their caretakers.

However, it is important to undergo plastic surgery after a traumatic injury. Plastic surgery patients can recover physically and emotionally from their injuries.

Pre-Surgery Guidelines for Traumatic Injured Persons:

Here are some basic guidelines that traumatically injured people should follow before plastic surgery:

  • It is important to consult with a well-experienced plastic surgeon who specialises in treating traumatic injuries. The plastic surgeon will recommend the best surgical option for your condition.
  • You should follow the pre-surgery instructions given by your plastic surgeon carefully.
  • It is necessary to arrange for a relative or friend to accompany you to the clinic on the day of the plastic surgery. Also, make sure they stay with you for one day after the plastic surgery.
  • Before undergoing plastic surgery, you should ask your plastic surgeon any concerns or questions you may have. So, you will get a better understanding of the procedure.

Keep in mind that these guidelines may differ depending on your traumatic condition, your type of surgery, and the preference of your plastic surgeon.

Therefore, it is essential to follow all the instructions given by your plastic surgeon and communicate with them regularly before and after the surgery.

Why Should You Choose BM Cosmetic for Plastic Surgery?

  • Expertise: At BM Cosmetic, we have a team of the best plastic surgeons in Chennai who have experience treating several types of traumatic injuries. They have performed thousands of successful surgeries for patients with different conditions. They are also well-versed in the advanced technologies in the plastic surgery field.
  • Comprehensive care: BM Cosmetic offers a range of plastic surgery procedures and facilities that cater to the needs and preferences of traumatically injured patients.
  • Affordable prices: BM Cosmetic charges only reasonable fees for their plastic surgery procedures for traumatic injuries. So, you don’t have to compromise on quality.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: BM Cosmetic guarantees satisfaction for their patients with fresh or traumatic injuries, as they strive to achieve the best result for every procedure.

They have a low complication rate and a high success rate, as evidenced by their reviews and testimonials. They also offer support and follow-up care for their patients.

If you are looking for plastic surgery in Chennai for traumatic injuries, you should prefer BM Cosmetic.

BM Cosmetic will help you restore your function and appearance, as well as improve your quality of life.

Contact BM Cosmetics today to book your appointment and get ready to transform yourself.

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