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  • Overview

    Hand and finger irregularities are deformations of the furthest points that are sometimes from the birth itself. Similarly, as with any inborn difference, they will have significant social, physical, and actual consequences for both the kid and their family. These underlying issues can meddle with the child’s capacity to move their fingers and additionally thumb as they get more established which can cause enduring incapacity as the kid when they learn to associate with their general surroundings. These birth imperfections can go from gentle to extreme deformations—some can affect work as the kid develops, while others don’t.

  • Indications of finger and hand anomalies

    Based upon the type and the seriousness of a deformity, the indication might be inconspicuous or obvious. Common issues related to hand and finger deformations include the following

    • Changed or limited capacity
    • Over-or immature appendages
    • Extra or missing thumb or fingers
    • Combined piece of the hand

    If you have any worry over the construction or capacity of your child’s hand, you should visit a reconstructive hand specialist to learn if an innate irregularity might be available and how to proceed for treatment to augment the appearance and capacity of the affected limb.

  • Types of Congenital Anomalies
    • Syndactyly
    • Polydactyly
    • Thumb hypoplasia
    • Congenital trigger thumb
  • Hand and finger irregularity treatments
    • Finger manipulation or extending
    • Bracing of the affected regions
    • Skin grafts
    • Prosthetics
    • Expulsion of additional digits
    • Partition of combined fingers
    • Physical or occupational treatment
    • Complex surgical remaking

    Here at BM Plastic & Cosmetology clinic in Chennai, understands that finger and hand anomalies can be exceptionally disturbing. Our reconstructive hand specialists are profoundly competent at successfully adjusting these deformations through treatments ranging from moderate intends to complex reconstructive surgical procedures. BM Plastic for Hand Surgery is focused to help on developing the structure and function of the patient’s hand and finger distortions, assisting them to carry on with a total and satisfying life.

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