Who is it?

A hymenotomy is a medical procedure involving the surgical removal or opening of the hymen.

Who need it?

Person with an imperforate or septate hymen.
Person with unusually thick or rigid hymen such as microperforate hymen.
In situations where the opening is extremely small or the band(s) of a septate hymen limit access to the vaginal opening.


Hymenectomy is done under a local anesthetic. You may be given a pill or an injection of medication to relax you. It is rarely done under a general or regional anesthetic. It can be done in the doctor’s office, clinic or hospital. If it is an imperforate hymen, it is opened in the center with scissors or a scalpel, the tissue is cut away. The cut area will be sutured with absorbable sutures (they will not have to be removed later) to prevent bleeding. With a circular hymen the hymen is cut away and the area sutured to prevent bleeding. You may have to remain in a recovery area for an hour before you leave.
After the Hymenectomy Procedure:
Topical cream or ointment to apply on the stitches.
Only take over-the-counter or prescription medicines for pain, discomfort or fever as directed by your doctor
Do not take aspirin. It can cause bleeding.
Do not have sexual intercourse until you are healed and your caregiver gives you permission.
Do not douche or use tampons.
You may resume your usual diet.
You may put an ice pack to the perineum to prevent swelling.
You may take warm sitz baths 2 to 3 times a day, in a couple of days, to help with any discomfort and healing.
Do not do any lifting over 5 pounds until your doctor tells you it is OK.

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