Pinna Plasty Ear Lobe Repair

Pinna Plasty and Ear Lobe Repair

Have you ever dissatisfied with the appearance of your ears? Are you wish they were more symmetrical, smaller, or closer to your head? If so, then you should undergo ear correction surgery or ear repair surgery. BM Cosmetic offers the most effective and safe cosmetic procedure that improve your self-confidence and improve your facial harmony by creating natural-looking ears that suit your face size and shape.

What is Pinna Plasty?

Pinna plasty is well-known as ear corrective surgery or otoplasty. This cosmetic surgery is used to change the position, shape or size of the ears, or to pin them back they stick out. It is generally performed on teenagers and children. Mostly, this treatment can be done to children of 5 years old. It is also done to adult who worried about their ears stick out from your head. If your ear or ears are misshapen due to birth defect or injury.

How will BM Cosmetic Perform Pinna Plasty Surgery?

BM Cosmetic’s surgeons will perform pinna plasty for several reasons, such as personal preferences, trauma, or congenital deformities. We will do this cosmetic procedure under local anaesthetic, based on the patient’s age. Our surgeon will usually takes between one to two hours for pinna plasty surgery. Our surgeon will make a cut at the ear back and peel off some skin from the cartilage. Then, our surgeons in Chennai will reshape the skin and cartilage according to the desired outcome.

Our surgeon will use fine sutures to close the incisions and apply a dressing to prevent the wound. So, the patient can go home on the same day otherwise stay overnight at the clinic, based on their condition. It just takes only a week for recovery from pinna plasty surgery. The patient will need to wear a bandage or headband to support the ears and prevent infection.

So, the patient should avoid swimming and strenuous activities for few weeks. We are dedicated to offer the best pinna plasty surgery without any complications. So, the patients can experience the improvement in symmetry and appearance of the ears. Moreover, it also boosts the self-confidence levels of the patient.

What are The Improvements You Can Expect from Pinna Plasty?

  • Decreasing the size of large ears
  • Repositioning protruding ears closer to the head
  • Enhancing symmetry between ear size or shape
  • Improving ear lobes that are stretched, oversized, or wrinkled
  • Correcting misshapen ears, such as shell ears and lop ears
  • Reconstructing ears damaged by injury
  • Creating new ears for patients with birth defects

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