Skin Tightening

WHY DOES OUR SKIN LOSE ELASTICITY AND START TO SAG? Our skin is tightened by a structure of collagen fibers in the dermis in a network of skin cells, fibers, and blood capillaries. Below is the hypo-dermis or subcutaneous layer there is supporting fat tissue with strong and elastic collagen fibers, and the circulatory system.
As we age the collagen fibers break down and become less structured and elastic, and our repair and replacement of these become less efficient. External factors such as UV exposure and lifestyle can make this worse. This results in wrinkles and the changes in the deeper tissue lead to sagging often known as skin laxity.
In body areas, changes in and around fat cells in the hypodermis, where the supporting collagen fibers and circulatory system become impaired, lead to them becoming less compact and structured causing a raised and dimpled appearance of the skin, a problem known as cellulite.


Wrinkles or crepey skin normally show up as your body ages. Skin loses its capacity to create elastin and collagen, which add to your skin’s versatility and immovability.

Advancement has laid various non-surgical cosmetic skin tightening procedures to fix the loose skin on the face or anywhere else on your body utilizing radiofrequency, ultrasound, PRP, and lasers. While these medicines are nonsurgical, they ought to just be performed by an authorized proficient and under the oversight of a cosmetology specialist.

Skin tightening involves using the Infrared Laser to apply heat to the body and causing the skin to contract. This method is similar to laser facial therapy but the intensity of the light is higher to penetrate thicker.


People who have visible marks of aging like saggy skin in the face, the neck can take up the laser tightening procedure to tighten their skin. It can bring back youthful looks which also can stay for a longer time without much maintenance.


Non-surgical skin tightening procedures work by using targeted energy to warm deep layers of skin, which invigorates collagen and elastin creation that ultimately improves skin tone and texture. Skin tightening treatments also fix fibrous tissue that helps to smooth down the cellulite. There are numerous skin tightening treatments and technologies available, and each uses a unique cosmetic procedure to achieve the ideal outcome.

  • Tightens the loose skin
  • No injectable anesthesia
  • No incision in the skin
  • No downtime
  • No pain
  • No scar
    • Radiofrequency (RF)
    • The PRP
    • Laser treatment
    • Thread lift

    Radiofrequency (RF)    – The treatment involves heating the saggy regions with Radio Frequency which provides heat to the body. The heat must be limited so that it does not damage the tissues. The skin gets contracted due to the heat and tightens itself. Additional tightening happens over time. Optimal results can be obtained in a few sessions but visible changes can be seen from the very first session.
    PRP    – The PRP, infused into explicit spaces of the skin, go about as a network that elevates your collagen to develop, regenerate tissue, and in this manner, this procedure works as a natural smoother that fix the skin. Thusly, PRP diminishes scars, relaxes wrinkles, and makes smoother skin surface and tone.
    Laser Treatment    – Utilizing an infrared light source, the laser skin tightening treatment is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. It assists in tightening the skin by using the heat under the collagen of the skin to fix it. The aftereffects of tightened skin are promptly observable and it requires no downtime.
    Thread lift    – A thread lift is a medical cosmetology procedure that uses a dissolvable suture to tighten and lift your skin. It’s a less obtrusive procedure than facelift cosmetic surgery and performed in under 45 minutes without needing to go under a surgical blade.
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