Unwanted Hair

Laser hair reduction is worth considering if you’re searching for a lasting solution for unwanted hair.


Laser hair removal is a non-surgical procedure to remove unwanted hairs from specified regions of the body by using the intensified laser light which will attack the hair follicles. This process is very precise and effective since the laser intensity and direction can be well controlled.

Who need it?

People who need a permanent solution for hair growth in unwanted areas can opt for Laser Hair Reduction to completely remove the hair. Waxing, Shaving, and trimming are only temporary results that cannot stop hair growth in time.
In the laser hair reduction procedure, the laser intensity is kept at a particular wavelength to kill only the hair follicles and not to damage the underlying skin tissues. The Laser light is concentrated upon the region and heat is produced which will result in hair removal.

a) Face – Hair growth in the body can be covered by wearing perfect clothes but facial hair cannot be concealed. Laser hair removal can help you remove facial hair and give you a smooth face. This procedure is most common for women but men also take up this if they are interested in a polished facial appearance.
b) Sensitive areas- Laser light intensity can be adjusted to the required level so that only the hair follicles are removed while the skin tissues which are fragile in the sensitive areas are not at all damaged. This procedure is completely safe and has no side effects also.
c) Full body- Full body hair removal is also possible by laser hair removal. The patients’ full body is exposed to the laser light by moving it all along the body so that the cells are heated which weakens the root of the hairs which will eventually lead to hair removal.
Lifestyle change, including reducing excessive weight and addressing insulin resistance, may be beneficial. Insulin resistance can cause excessive testosterone levels in women, resulting in hirsutism. One study reported that women who stayed on a low calorie diet for at least six months lost weight and reduced Insulin Resistance. Their levels of Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) increased, which reduced the amount of free testosterone in their blood. As expected, the women reported a reduction in the severity of their hirsutism and acne symptoms.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

Lasers are helpful for eliminating unwanted hair from the face, leg, chin, back, arm, underarm, bikini line, and other areas.

Advantages of laser hair removal include:
Accuracy-Lasers can specifically target coarse hairs while leaving the skin unaffected.
Speed- Laser takes a small portion of a second and can treat numerous hairs simultaneously. The laser can remove hair in a region roughly the size of a quarter each second. Little regions, for example, the upper lip can be treated in under a moment, and huge regions, for example, the back or legs, may take as long as 60 minutes.
Consistency- Most patients have extremely durable hair free after a normal of three to seven laser hair reduction sessions.
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