The Different Reconstructive Surgery Types in Chennai

Reconstructive surgery types involves making changes to the body’s structure or functionality. It mostly tackles those body components that are deformed or malfunctioning. Such anomalies may result from a variety of causes, such as congenital flaws, aberrant development, trauma, infection, or any other condition.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Types, however, has enhanced function, self-esteem, and quality of life because, if left untreated, these disorders can completely destabilize a person’s life. We therefore present to you the different kind of reconstructive surgery types so that you may understand how and when this procedure can change people’s life. It’s time to get started.

Here the List of Reconstructive Surgery Types in Chennai

Breast Reconstruction or Reduction

After a mastectomy, breast reconstruction aids in returning the breasts to a state that is almost identical to their natural size, symmetry, and form. Implant-based reconstruction, which makes use of breast implants, and flap reconstruction, which uses the patient’s own tissue from another area of the body, are the two methods available for breast reconstruction.

Men also undergo breast reduction. These procedures are available for women who have had mastectomy or for women whose unusually large breasts are creating back problems or other related health issues.

Facial Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery Types for Facial surgery focuses on procedures to treat persistent infections, problems with breathing, and facial deformities such cleft lip and palate. Cleft lip and palate repair has become a blessing for parents who suffered tremendously to learn that their child had such a disease and want to restore their child’s normal appearance, especially that of a new-born.

By giving their faces a more natural appearance, this procedure helps the little angels’ lovely smiles return. Additionally, facial surgery is used to treat other chronic conditions.

Foot or hand Surgery

The goal of Reconstructive Surgery Types based hand surgery is to treat hand impairments that may arise from different diseases. Certain illnesses result in pain or affect the wrists, fingers, and strength or flexibility. Certain types of reconstructive joint surgery also aid in the correction of birth defects and the preservation of the natural state. Treatment for tumours, extra toes, and other birth defects includes foot surgery.

Removing Skin Cancer

When skin cancer develops, removal of the malignant growth becomes essential. In that instance, part of the surgical removal of the malignant tumor involves reconstructive surgery. Through the removal of the malignant growth and prevention of additional damage to the health, this procedure helps to preserve both appearance and health.

Endoscopic Surgery

An endoscope, a tubular probe with a tiny camera and a bright light that is placed into a tiny incision, is used to perform endoscopic surgery. As the surgeon moves the endoscope into the body, images from the camera are sent back to a screen for viewing. An instrument to help the surgeon perform surgery is the endoscope. Through a separate incision, the surgical instruments are inserted.

Tissue Expansion

Through a procedure known as tissue expansion, skin can be generated in very large wounds and utilized to replace injured skin. In breast reconstruction, it is frequently utilized.

The skin is gradually stretched with a balloon expander, and the additional tissue is utilized for the treatment. Since tissue expansion can take several months to complete, patience is required.
Bottom Line

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Clinic play a crucial role in restoring both form and function for individuals who have experienced physical trauma, congenital deformities, or medical conditions. Understanding the different kinds of reconstructive plastic surgeries types from scar revision to breast reconstruction, empowers patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare journey. The field of healthcare in India has seen significant advancements in reconstructive procedures, making these life-changing surgeries accessible to a broader spectrum of the population.